Chambers Bay

I added both these images to my website today! Chambers Bay 1 & Chambers Bay 2 (created names, right???). They're from a roughly three mile trail that meanders through the golf course. It overlooks Puget Sound, and is truly spectacular. I don’t golf, but it’s a beautiful place to walk, run, stop, think, and enjoy the day. I love bits of nature like this close to urban areas. It makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors even if I don’t have time to drive up into the mountains.

There used to be a gravel mine and other industry on the site. When the golf course was created, they left some of the large cement structures in place. I think they're visually striking. Remnants of another time. 

I haven’t named these yet. I’ve mentioned a few times, my brain melts when I need to name images. For now, they’re just called Chambers Bay 1 & 2! Let me know if you have a better idea, and if I use your title I’ll send you a print of the image.