First Creek

I’ve had to take it easy lately, so I’ve been going through some of the images on my “to-do” list. In the coming week or so, I’m excited to say I’ll be adding several offerings to my website.

The shot above is from a climbing trip to Red Rocks, Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas. This was towards the end of the trip and I didn’t feel much like climbing, so went off on my own a little to enjoy nature. It was very peaceful, and I enjoyed taking photos with the nice light and wispy cloud cover. I think of a desert being how, and dry. In this wash there were willows, bushes, a slow moving stream, other brush cover, and lots of birds. It was magical.

This image was taken in an area called First Creek, so that’s what I’m going to name it. Have a better suggestion? Leave a comment and if I choose your suggestion I’ll send you a print!

Here are a couple more images from this day. The flowers were amazing. So beautiful! The second shot is a spot I hiked down to and just sat for quite awhile, listening to the birds and the wind, enjoying the sun.


 A friend is climbing here. Can you spot him???