Ghost Ship

The other night I was feeling restless, so as the night wore on I grabbed my camera gear and headed out the door, without a destination in mind. I ended up on the waterfront, hoping for a view of Mount Rainier behind the hills of the city.

Funny thing. While setting up, with my large 200-500 lens, several people stopped to talk to me. They asked, “did you see them?”, or “are they still out there?” Apparently I’d missed a pod of Orca moving through the water towards The Narrows Bridge. How I would’ve liked to have seen that!


The cloud cover obscured Mount Rainier, so I changed to a wide angle and looked the other direction. I really liked the curve of the shoreline, but at first wasn’t excited about the ship, as the long exposure would blur it. However, I thought of the approach of Halloween so edited a little dark, maybe a little spooky, and I’m happy with how it turned out.



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