Haunted house?

Holy Rosary in Tacoma, Washington. I went for the fall colors, but found inspiration for a black and white image. Nothing is crisp, it's all a bit blurry and uncertain --- much like the fate of this gorgeous historic building, which as of right now is possibly headed to demolition. 

There is an iconic image of this building, one that's been done a million times, but I wanted to try something else. I couldn't get a composition I was happy with, so on a whim switched out to a toy lens that blurs and distorts. The sun was fading, the church seemed lonely, and I had an inspiration.

I made a haunted house out of the image. I was torn, because I meant no disrespect to the church. But then I realized, it's only a haunted house if it's around Halloween, and I say it' a haunted house. Otherwise, it's a just a different take of the most photographed church in Tacoma. 

If you're interested, read more about the efforts to save the church. They had an auction a while back, to which I donated two signed, limited edition, archival prints!