Is The Mountain Out?

Locals who live around Mount Rainier have a question always top of mind -- "is The Mountain out?" Even after a lifetime of living in the area, I often have my breath taken away when She shows herself. I never get enough of the amazing sight of the triple peaks showing above cloud cover on a bluebird day.

It's clear that Mount Rainier has a profound effect on locals and tourists alike. Not just a simplistic appreciation, but something deeper. Something that strikes at our primitive core. I believe there's something within us, some reverence for the stark beauty of river, forest, glacier. An appreciation for the power and fierceness, contrasted against the raw beauty.

I'm touched by folks who take the time to email me and tell me what The Mountain means to them, and I've put a few of the comments below. I'd love to hear what you have to say as well. Please, leave a comment with your thoughts!

  • When the Mountain is “out” no matter how small the view, there is an inner peace and calm that I feel almost immediately. That Mountain has helped me through many a tough day!
  • There’s nothing like it. It’s something special. I couldn’t explain it to my wife. I had to drive her 17.5 hours one-way on a four day weekend so she could feel it for herself. We camped. We hiked. We experienced that magic.
  • The Mountain made a never ending impression on me.  Do you suppose the there is something true about experiences being more meaningful when we have to work at them?  Well, on many hikes The Mountain has made us work hard, but each of those journeys are well worth it.
  • Years ago, I was lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest. I left my heart there. Mount Rainier is my absolute favorite mountain, ever. It brings me great peace to see & be near it. 
  • I love living in the shadow of such a powerful mountain, and in a place where people will say, “Did you see? the Mountain is out!”
  • This place has my heart. Rainier is my grounding, my permanence, the center of my storm.
  • I love Mt. Rainier because it is beautiful and majestic.
  • I can’t fly in or out of Seattle without staring at that beautiful mountain!
  • She's just beautiful. When you see her out she just kinda brightens your day.
  • I just love Mt. Rainier so much