Labor Day at Mount Rainier

My wife and I spent a nice weekend at Mount Rainier. Even in early September, we could sense fall all around us! The shot above is my favorite from the weekend. Sunset over Sunset Amphitheater on the northwest side of The Mountain.

The first view of Mount Rainier, with the ghost forest of Tahoma Creek. The trees die due to flooding, when too much silt and debris builds up. No worries. It's completely normal and natural!

This memorial is a few miles further at Round Pass. 32 Marines lost their lives in 1946 when their plane crashed into the Tahoma Glacier. They were not recovered. This memorial at Round Pass looks over their final resting place on the Tahoma Glacier.

Another couple miles up a nicely wooded trail and this wonder presents itself -- The Devil's Pipe Organ. Andesite lava forms this way when it cools. What you're seeing here is maybe 100 feet wide -- so this is large!

The South Puyallup River, just outside of camp. 

Looking up South Puyallup towards the top of Mount Rainier. I caught many, many more photos on this trip, so expect I'll edit and share quite a few more as time goes by.