Lovely Day

Might Emmons

Beautiful. Peaceful. mesmerizing.

Utterly alone on the side of The Mountain, watching the sun come up. I’ll remember this morning for the rest of my life.

I love a last-minute solo hike. The quick but organized packing of ten essentials, favorite trail snacks, and camera gear; waking up at 2am; driving in the dark while listening to soft mellow tunes; and finally pulling into the parking lot. There's adventure in gearing up, putting on the headlamp and leaving in total darkness, the sky so full of stars it makes me dizzy. There's a certain thrill after a couple of hours as the sky slowly brightens and I arrive at my destination without a minute to spare. There’s panic as the sunrise progresses, the light increases, and I quickly scan for a composition that works and frantically set up the camera.

After a while, with numb hands and shivering body, I know I have all the images possible in the here and now, and break out the stove for an unhurried cup of coffee to enjoy while listening to the wind blow, watching The Mountain, and just sitting in gratefulness before hiking out and heading back home.

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