Mount Adams, Mount Rainier, Mosquitoes, and Friends

Two weeks ago I had a fun backpacking trip with friends I’ve known since childhood. We cut the trip short by two nights, but still experienced a stunning sunset & sunrise. I think one shot may end up as an offering on my website.

We gathered the night before the trip at a friend's cabin, and had an evening treat as Mount Rainier showed herself.
We woke up early for the drive south, had a quick breakfast at Rivers, a fantastic little coffee place in Morton, ended up on some dirt roads, and finally left the trailhead.
Treated to peek-a-boo glances of Mount Adams on the hike in.
The campsite was just below the snow line. Excellent views. Mosquitoes were brutal. Thousands of them, the size of small birds!
I took sunset photos, some sunrise photos, and we hiked out the next day and stayed the night in Packwood. We enjoyed having no mosquitoes, and also enjoyed Packwood Brewing Company.

This same group is planning another late September overnighter. It looks like we'll head to Snoqualmie Pass, check out the Kendall Katwalk, and camp along the PCT somewhere in the area. It will be cold, but at least there shouldn't be mosquitoes.