Media Type Explanation

I wanted to take a minute to briefly answer one of the most popular questions I get: What are the differences between all the options on your website? And which is right for me?

Here’s what’s available:


My work professionally printed on a variety of stunning surfaces, in sizes ranging from about 10x15 inches, up to 6+ feet (varies by image).

  • Canvas: The classic, museum look.
  • Metal: Sleek, thin aluminum - floats off the wall for a modern look.
  • Wood: Rustic centerpieces. Visible wood grain adds a natural, organic touch.
  • Acrylic: Unique, glass-like appearance with vibrant colors.
  • Paper: Affordable, archival quality. Requires a frame.



Don’t have the wallspace or budget yet for my wall art but still want to see my work in your daily life? All my images are also available on fun merch products like tote bags and mugs. These are available on any detail page. Just choose the merch product from the available media types.



Premium prints that are hand-signed and available only in very limited quantities. Printed on premium archival paper for the exclusive collector! Inspected, signed, and shipped with care. True silver halide black and white prints produced on Ilford archival fiber paper and developed traditionally. That's right -  real humans expose the paper to light and hand develop in chemicals.



My signature image printed 36x12 on high end frameless acrylic. An incredibly modern and brilliant display, handcrafted with gallery quality materials and exquisite care in Seattle, Washington. My most exclusive, high-end product. If you’re looking for a show-piece for home or office, this is it!

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