Capturing Moments: A Visual Journey of Recent Adventures

I’ve been busy the last few weeks. I decided I was doing too much computer work, and not enough actual photography. And that’s the point of my journey — selling my prints is secondary. My main focus is the joy I find in making photos.

I’ve found that I get out and shoot more when I just go. Not a lot of planning or foresight, but rather “the sky looks nice I think I’ll go out,” or “it’s 5am and I’m awake, I think I’ll check the sunrise out somewhere local.” I’m still going through the photos and doing some editing, but I’ll put some of my first-pass favorites below. Enjoy the following photos and descriptions. 

Foss Waterway Sunset

The Foss Waterway Marina, alongside the industrial tide flats, with the majestic presence of Mount Rainier in the backdrop. Despite initial doubts, the clouds played their part, causing the sunset to burst into a spectacular display of colors.

Bob's Java jive

I’ve had this unique building on my mind for years, and finally took the opportunity to capture it at sunrise. This quirky landmark is renowned for its peculiar architecture, resembling a colossal coffee pot. Originally established as a coffee stand in the 1920s, Bob's Java Jive has evolved into a dive bar, standing as a testament to the city’s eccentric spirit and historical legacy. 

Mount Rainier

Early Rise for a Majestic View: Started the day at 1am, departed home by 2am, began hiking at 3:30am, and reached the ridge just in time for the sunrise behind Mount Rainier. The journey continued with an exploration of enchanting waterfalls on the hike back. The absence of clouds and the prevalence of wildfire smoke made capturing photos a challenge, but it was still an incredible day.

Wildlife Refuge

While passing by on the freeway, I decided to make a brief stop. Finding the visitor center was closed, I initially returned to my car with the intention of leaving. However, I impulsively chose to take a quick stroll instead. This impromptu decision led me on a four-mile exploration where I had the privilege of observing over twenty blue herons, graceful sandpipers, and the mesmerizing tidal advance. The evening turned into an unexpectedly amazing experience.

Haystack & Perseids

I haven’t done a lot of astrophotography, so this was a great learning experience. The learning curve is vast, encompassing equipment selection, refining photography techniques, and mastering the art of skillfully merging multiple shots during editing. Although this experience was frustrating, I will keep practicing and hopefully come up with some decent shots in the future.

ecola sunset

I captured this image of Ecola Point, looking north from Cannon Beach. It honestly was low effort, as I just walked outside the hotel. What an ambiance - melodic calls of gulls and the rhythmic crash of waves. Profoundly tranquil and soothing.