Tahoma from Tacoma

Last week (via Facebook & email) I asked for suggestions on how to name this picture of Mount Rainier that I was thinking of putting on my website.  I was thrilled with all the responses. I really think it’s amazing that certain themes stood out, and made me realize that how I feel about Mount Rainier — what I feel inside while hiking, climbing, photographing, or even pulled over to the side of the road, resonates with so many people. She (The Mountain) just draws us to her, doesn’t she? 



Calm, Majestic, Hopeful, Serene, Grandiose, Heavenly…The Mountain. Or more appropriately, and more simply, Tahoma.


On a sad note (for me, anyway), I was doing final edits of the image on a large monitor, instead of my laptop screen. Unfortunately, I found the image is soft. Barely, just barely, out of focus. What’s this mean? It might look great on Facebook or in email, but it doesn't meet my high standards for printing. So despite all of the positive comments and appreciation, this one isn’t going up for sale.


On a happy note, I looked through other images from the same day. Many others were “soft” as well. However, I think I found one that looks better. This means I have to start from scratch with the editing. I’ll probably make it the focus of a future post, and show the start to finish process.


That’s it for now. Have an awesome rest of the week.